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Scientific Anglers Spey Classic Fly Line

Scientific Anglers Spey Classic Fly Line

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Integrated, one-piece floating line reduces hinging on casts with a long head for distance casting and supreme line control. ARP (Audible Reference Point) textured section at the end of the head provides notice when to begin the cast again by allowing you to hear where the head meets the running line. Excellent all-around Spey line designed for two-handed rods of all sizes.

Line Weight Length Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Color
420gr 48.5’ 420gr 48.5’ Floating Bamboo/Black/Bamboo
470gr 50.5’ 470gr 50.5’ Floating Bamboo/Black/Bamboo
530gr 52.5’ 530gr 52.5’ Floating Bamboo/Black/Bamboo
600gr 54.5’ 600gr 54.5’ Floating Bamboo/Black/Bamboo
680gr 54.5’ 680gr 54.5’ Floating Bamboo/Black/Bamboo

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