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Hardy Rocket Head Modular Density System

Hardy Rocket Head Modular Density System

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A unique two part shooting head system that allows fine tuning of sink rate for precise fly presentation at maximum distance. Single and Dual density bellies combine with Dual density tips resulting in tri or quad density configurations to cover all water condiitons, all heads and tips are dual looped, laser printed and colour coded for ease of use. All spare tips are supplied in a reusable wallet insert that is fully compatible with the Hardy leader wallet. Purchase a full set of additional tips for ultimate versatility.

  • Fully modular shooting head system supplied with one 3.6m Tip
  • Interchangeable tip sections for ultimate in refined depth presentation
  • Sleeved and welded ultra strong loop connections
  • Laser printed and colour coded body and tips
  • Density compensation

    In the Box Configuration
  • Float/Hover Single Density Float Belly + Dual Density Float Hover Tip
  • Float/Hover/Int Dual Density Float/Hover Belly + Dual Density Hover/Intermediate Tip
  • Hover/Int/S2 Dual Density Hover/Int Belly + Dual Density Int/S2 Tip
  • Int/S2/S3 Dual Density Int/S2 Belly + Dual Density S2/S3 Tip
  • S2/S3/S4 Dual Density S2/S3 Belly + Dual Density S3/S4 Tip
  • S3/S4/S5 Dual Density S3/4 Belly + Dual Density S4/S5 Tip
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