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Rio Elite Skagit Max Launch

Rio Elite Skagit Max Launch

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Smooth casting Skagit heads, perfectly balanced for the appropriate sink tips

RIO Skagit Max Launch heads deliver the power needed to cast large flies and sinking tips more elegantly than ever before. The unique weight distribution deeply loads rods for long, powerful casts, while the refined taper design generates incredibly smooth loops which transition seamlessly from head to tip to fly. The low stretch core gives incredible levels of sensitivity when casting and fishing, and provides enhanced detection of takes, more positive hook sets, and far greater control when playing a fish. In addition, this line is built with SlickCast, creating the slickest, most durable coating on the market—producing the least amount of friction ever measured in a fly line.

Line Size Density Line Color Sink Rate Total Head Weight Head Length Total Length SKU
400gr | 6wt Float Aqua/Blue Float 400gr (25.9gm) 23ft (7m) 23ft (7m) 6-19414
425gr | 6wt Float Aqua/Blue Float 425gr (27.5gm) 23ft (7m) 23ft (7m) 6-19415
450gr | 6/7wt Float Aqua/Blue Float 450gr (29.2gm) 23ft (7m) 23ft (7m) 6-19416
475gr | 7wt Float Aqua/Blue Float 475gr (30.8gm) 23ft (7m) 23ft (7m) 6-19417
500gr | 7wt Float Aqua/Blue Float 500gr (32.4gm) 23ft (7m) 23ft (7m) 6-19418
525gr | 7/8wt Float Aqua/Blue Float 525gr (34.0gm) 23ft (7m) 23ft (7m) 6-19419
550gr | 8wt Float Aqua/Blue Float 550gr (35.6gm) 23ft (7m) 23ft (7m) 6-19420
575gr | 8wt Float Aqua/Blue Float 575gr (37.3gm) 24ft (7.3m) 24ft (7.3m) 6-19421
600gr | 8/9wt Float Aqua/Blue Float 600gr (38.9gm) 24ft (7.3m) 24ft (7.3m) 6-19422
625gr | 9wt Float Aqua/Blue Float 625gr (40.5gm) 24ft (7.3m) 24ft (7.3m) 6-19423
650gr | 9wt Float Aqua/Blue Float 650gr (42.1gm) 25ft (7.6m) 25ft (7.6m) 6-19424
675gr | 9/10wt Float Aqua/Blue Float 675gr (43.7gm) 25ft (7.6m) 25ft (7.6m) 6-19425
700gr | 10wt Float Aqua/Blue Float 700gr (45.4gm) 25ft (7.6m) 25ft (7.6m) 6-19426
725gr | 10/11wt Float Aqua/Blue Float 725gr (47.0gm) 25ft (7.6m) 25ft (7.6m) 6-19427
750gr | 11wt Float Aqua/Blue Float 750gr (48.6gm) 25ft (7.6m) 25ft (7.6m) 6-19428
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