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RaidZap UV Resin

RaidZap UV Resin

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RaidZap has developed the right UV resin for fly tying. Crystal clear surface, cures with any UV light and hard as a bullet proof rock. Choose your resin for fly tying.! – Tack Free!

RAIDZAP SUPER THIN  – Forget ALL about VARNISH. This is the thinnest UV resin EVER in the world. Used for a thin layer on small flies, chironomid bodies, coating wing cases or as head cement. DRY FLIES, USE IT EVERYWHERE YOU NEED A VERY THIN LAYER. Raidzap Super Thin is our thinnest UV RESIN ever. It has the very slight of water viscosity. NO SMELL, NO BAD EPOXY SMELL, NOTHING! –  A clear UV resin and quick cure time with any real UV light. Say 3 seconds! ………

  • Cures with any real UV light.
  • Cures hard and clear.
  • 0.5 oz. ( 15 ml. )
  • Brush including in the box.
  • Syringe needle in the box.

No Yellow surface – No mather how hard you push the product!!!


Same quality UV resin as our original UV resin for fly tying. But in FLEX mode. For building durable heads, bodies. Flexable bodies that can stretch in the surface. For those that like the fly tying in flex mode. Extremely flexible, bonds to silicone, rubber and foam. Does not crack or peel during compression. Tack Free surface.!

Probably  ” the best UV resin ”  Ever made..!

Developed in Denmark
Developed by flytiers for fly tying!

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