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Daiwa 8" Splitring Pliers

Daiwa 8" Splitring Pliers

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  • Nickle plated steel construction
  • Ultra durable rockwell c hardness rating
  • Spring-loaded design
  • Slip resistant Daiwa D-VEC rubber handles
Daiwa has designed these micro split-ring pliers to be a step above the rest. Built to fit into small to micro split-rings that you find in both bass, trout and smaller lures. This tool allows you to grab the spit-ring and hold it firmly with confidence. Nickle plated and engineered out of steel ROCKWELL C hardness rating, these pliers are built to last. Spring loaded design allows you a much easier and controlled gripping method. Slip resistant Daiwa D-VEC branded rubber handles and provide even more power and control of the tool.
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