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Amundson TMX-5 Mooching Reel

Amundson TMX-5 Mooching Reel

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If you’ve not seen nor heard of the TMX5, this is the mooching/trolling reel that is becoming ubiquitous on recreational fishing boats throughout the PNW marine fishery. The TMX5 features a patented multi-layered Nanocarbon disc drag system that prevents creep and delivers ultra-smooth performance, day in day out. We designed the internals to be simple and low-maintenance with inexpensive service kits available. Reels come stock with CNC’d aluminum power handles, but ported paddle handles are available through the request of your Amundson dealer. Reel spools hold 150 yards of 25lb backing and 300 yards of 40lb mono. Available in 4 colors – gold, black, gun-smoke and blue.


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