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Airflo Scandi Long - Float

Airflo Scandi Long - Float

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The updated Airflo Scandi Compact has a longer head length to allow users to form a deeper ‘D’ or ‘V’ Loop and cast farther than ever before.

Folks have been asking us to develop a line that will give them more distance and offer more control once the line is on the water – and we’ve been listening.  

Designed to take advantage of modern two-handed rods that generate higher line speeds, these heads are perfect for surface and near-surface presentation, and will even turn over sinking Polyleaders when fish aren’t feeding up top. With the new Scandi Long, the opposite bank is now part of the playing field. 

Taper: Powerful Delivery 
Core: Power Core 
Range: ST7/8 – ST8/9 
Coating: Ultra-Supple PolyFuse XT 

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